How to Cleanse Your Kidneys: 8 Things You Need to Eat and Drink

by Greg Bastin on Nov 04, 2019

How to Cleanse Your Kidneys: 8 Things You Need to Eat and Drink
how to cleanse your kidneys with tea
By Wen Liu  •  November 4, 2019


Your kidneys have a very important job so you’ll want to keep them running in top shape. Find out how to cleanse your kidneys the right way.

Did you know that a key to your health lies in those tiny bean-shaped organs in your body?

Kidneys filter toxins from your body. Your kidneys don’t merely filter, though. They’re responsible for balancing mineral levels and regulating blood pressure.

They’re also vital to maintaining your life.

Keeping them in good health helps to prevent future problems. And one of the best ways to do that is to cleanse them.

Cleanse them is a relatively simple process. Eating certain foods, drinks, and herbs can help.

Take a look at what you need to remove kidney waste and keep them running in top shape.

The Key: Staying Hydrated at All Times

Staying hydrated is essential for overall health. But it’s also essential for kidney health.

The average person needs 30 to 50 ounces of fluid daily. There’s a common misconception, though, that 8 glasses of water is standard for everyone.

In reality, everyone is different. Therefore, their hydration needs are also different depending on the person.

Factors that influence how much water you need include:

  • ➡️  Age
  • ➡️  Climate
  • ➡️  Exercise intensity

Other factors like pregnancy, breastfeeding, and illness are also important.

Not getting enough water can make you feel tired and impair basic bodily functions. And severe dehydration can lead to kidney damage.

As a general rule, eight glasses of fluid is okay. But it isn’t optimal. 

According to The Institute of Medicine, men need approximately 13 8oz cups of fluid per day. Women need slightly less at nine cups a day.

If you have kidney failure, though, less is more. People don’t excrete enough water when they have end stage kidney disease. So, water consumption is best restricted to reduce edema and other problems.

Also, pay attention to your urine. A light yellow or colorless flow means you’re drinking enough. Darker urine indicates dehydration.

Watch for symptoms of kidney problems like:

  • ➡️  Nausea
  • ➡️  Fatigue
  • ➡️  Change in urination
  • ➡️  Fluid buildup
  • ➡️  Increased potassium levels

Other common kidney conditions like kidney stones and urinary tract infections are preventable. But you need to stay hydrated. So, drink plenty of water to prevent stone-forming crystals and flush out bacteria.

Try to spread out hydration throughout the day, though. As the body gets older, it’s more difficult for the kidneys to expel water. So, don’t overload your kidneys by drinking your weight in water all at once.

Cleansing Your Kidneys with Your Diet

Healthy diets are rich in vitamins and minerals to keep your body in optimal shape. But some foods are particularly great at boosting kidney health. Take a look at some foods that help cleanse your kidneys:


grapes for kidney health

1. Grapes

A handful of red grapes make a tasty snack. And it also supports kidney health.

Grapes contain a special compound called resveratrol. In one animal study, researchers tested this compound on rats with polycystic kidney disease. They found that the treatment lowered inflammation in these rats.


cranberries for kidney health

2. Cranberries

You may already know that cranberries are beneficial for bladder health. So, it’s only natural to also connect it to kidney health.

The Nutrition Journal conducted a clinical trial that showed exactly that. In the trial, women ate sweetened dried cranberries every day for two weeks. After the two weeks, they showed a decrease in the incidence of urinary tract infections.


matcha green tea for kidney health

3. Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea is very popular lately. You may see it everywhere from health stores to coffee shops. 

Like green tea, it comes from the same plant – Camellia sinensis. But the growing process and nutrient profiles are different.

One of the biggest benefits behind Matcha green tea is its antioxidant properties. In fact, Matcha contains up to 137 times more antioxidants than other types of green tea. 

Drinking it not only protects your cells from free radical damage. But it may also lower your risk of some chronic diseases. Consuming foods that are high in antioxidants can also help those who suffer from chronic kidney disease.


cleanse kidney with ginger

4. Ginger

Herbalists have used ginger for its various benefits for thousands of years. It’s a common ingredient in many food recipes. But where it really shines is its natural medicinal properties.

One animal study revealed that ginger was effective at kidney protection. The study also supported other data about its natural anti-inflammatory properties. 


cleanse kidney with lemon

5. Lemon


Lemon juice is another option to help flush your kidneys. Citric acid or citrate can prevent kidney stone formation. The citrate binds with calcium in the urine and inhibits the growth of crystals.

If lemon juice is a bit tart for your taste, you can also try orange and melon juice. Both also contain citric acid. And any citrate juice you drink contributes towards your hydration for the day.


seaweed for kidney cleanse

6. Seaweed

Brown seaweed is another food to reach for when you’re craving a crunchy snack. 

A 2014 animal trial revealed that it can reduce both kidney and liver damage from diabetes. In the study, researchers fed the lab rats edible seaweed for 22 days. At the end of the study, the rats showed these favorable results.


calcium rich foods for kidney health

7. Calcium-rich foods

Kidney stones form when there’s too much urinary oxalate in the body. Contrary to popular belief, calcium-rich foods are exactly what you need to counter that effect. Calcium binds with the oxalate and reduces the absorption and excretion of the oxalate.

You don’t necessarily need to consume milk or cheese to receive the right amount of calcium. Meet the recommended daily intake of 1.2 grams by consuming substitutes like almond milk, fortified cereals, or tofu.


reduce junk food for kidney health

8. Reduce Sodium, Refined Carbs, and Processed Foods Intake

Reducing your sodium intake is a must to cleanse your kidneys and keep them healthy. Your body does need a certain amount of salt. But too much can give you high blood pressure. 

Increased blood pressure can increase your risk of a whole host of other problems. If you have high blood pressure, that leaves the door open to heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure.


Eating a lot of salt may also be detrimental if you have diabetes. High blood pressure and diabetes can also open the door to other serious health complications.

If you want to reduce your risk of chronic kidney disease, you need to limit your salt consumption. The NIDDK recommends that you consume less than 2,300mg daily.

Sodium sneaks into unlikely places. You may be eating more than you think you are if you like to eat processed foods. They’re notoriously high in sodium.

Instead, reach for low-sodium or sodium-free options to keep your kidneys healthy.

In addition, you should try to limit the amount of refined carbs in your diet. It’s all-around unhealthy for you and puts you at higher risk for life-threatening chronic diseases. Also, many refined carb-rich foods contain phosphorus.

Phosphorus-rich foods can put too much stress on the kidneys. One study showed that there is a link between high phosphorus levels and an increased risk of long-term kidney damage.

You may notice that some of the foods listed are the ingredients of a kidney cleanse tea. Combining ingredients can make the cleansing process easier. And it can boost the power of a cleansing tea.

Kidney cleansing teas give you everything you need to keep healthy in one simple drink.

Drinking Kidney-Cleansing Teas – All the Nutrients in One Place


kidney cleanse tea


Apple cider vinegar may be a popular detox and cleansing liquid. But if you want to cleanse your kidneys, ACV isn’t doing you any favors.

Your body has its own detoxing systems – the kidneys and the liver. So, help boost what you already have by drinking a kidney cleansing tea instead.

Kidney cleansing teas can save time each day. Just mix one simple powder instead of incorporating multiple ingredients into your diet. It is also full of ingredients known to help the kidneys like ginger, lemon, and cranberries.

Additionally, kidney cleansing teas improve metabolism. Matcha green tea added to the cleansing tea helps give your metabolism a little boost.

And thanks to dietary fiber in the tea, it may prevent constipation.

Keep your kidney function as healthy as possible with the Organic Kidney Cleanse Tea from Opportuniteas.  

It’s made from four gluten-free and non-GMO superfoods with only 15mg of caffeine per serving. You can add it to plain water or mix it with smoothies, drinks, or other recipes.

Pick up one today and start your journey to a healthier you.

Optimize Your Kidney Function the Right Way

Hydration is the key to optimal kidney health. And eating the right foods can help boost the efficacy of your kidney function.

It’s never a good idea to try too drastic changes to how you treat your body. If you want to try a new diet or cleanse, talk to your doctor first. It’s especially important to make a family medicine appointment before making drastic changes to your family’s diet.

When you’re ready to put your kidney health first, consider kidney cleansing teas. All the natural superfoods are conveniently together in one simple tea.

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