Once upon a time...

A guy named Greg found himself utterly frustrated looking for the perfect supplements to take and to recommend for my family. What I wanted was an ideal: not only effective, but unquestionably authentic, transparent, and affordable. I’m a dreamer. But more importantly I’m a doer.

You know what they say, if you want it done right, you’ve gotta do it yourself.

I believe that every person deserves the best the world has to offer. So I came up with a list of qualities I would want in an ideal brand - authentic, transparent, and affordable - all wrapped up with amazing customer service and a bow of integrity. I knew it wouldn't be easy, but it would be worth it.

My goal is to simplify your life and bring more happiness to every day. Together we can re-define the supplement industry to create something that's better for everyone, everywhere.

What you can expect...


The supplement world is filled with products that contain hard to pronounce ingredients that are more like unsafe, artificial food-like-byproducts than real foods. Rest easy knowing our products are made from the highest quality natural and organic whole foods without the artificial junk.


Go ahead, ask us anything. We'll tell all. If we make a mistake or don't live up to your expectations, we want to know so we can keep trying to do better, no matter what it takes. We will never use proprietary formulations! Look on the back of our products to easily find the exact quantity of each ingredient per serving. You deserve to know and shouldn’t settle for anything less.


All of our products cost less than $30. If you don't like one of our products let us know and we will send your money back. Everything is completely up to you at all times with zero hidden fees or unexpected monthly charges. 

Amazing Customer Service

Supplements got you feeling overwhelmed? We've been there and we've got your back. From answering questions to delivering our products direct to your doorstep on a reliable schedule or anything else in between we want to help. Email info@opportuniteas.com anytime and we will respond right away.

Social Goodness

We are on a mission to build healthier, safer people. But we’re also serious about our impact on the Earth so we’ve partnered with 1% for the Planet. This means we pledge to donate at least 1% of our sales to nonprofit partners working on issues related to climate change. Our donation provides direct support for solutions related to climate change issues. We pledge our money to the following charities: 1% for the Plant , NRDC, and the Sierra Club.

Opportuniteas One Percent For The Planet Pledge  Opportuniteas natural resources defense council pledge Opportuniteas sierra club pledge

What we believe in...

Thinking Different

Opportuniteas represents a unique approach to health and wellness. The idea is simple. When you eat better food, you become a better you. Everything you put into your body has a direct impact on how you function and feel. We empower you live a better life because we use use the highest quality natural and organic ingredients made from real foods without including the junk you don't need like artificial chemicals, preservatives, flavorings, or fillers.

Challenging the Status Quo

Until now, finding the right supplements to take and taking them consistently has been a difficult chore at best. I’ve spent countless hours searching and tried just about everything I could find. The world is filled with too many fake products masquerading as real nutrition. Opportuniteas products are different by design. We give you the best whole foods combined into easy-to-use powders that you can mix into almost any drink or food.

Changing the World

I started this company because I knew something had to change. There is a major connection between getting the right nutrition and performing at your best, but it’s nearly impossible to consistently get the right nutrition. Our mission is to give you access to the best nutrition because I believe that every person deserves the best the world has to offer.