Liver Detox Tea
Liver Detox Tea
Liver Detox Tea
Liver Detox Tea
Liver Detox Tea
Liver Detox Tea
Liver Detox Tea
Liver Detox Tea
Liver Detox Tea

Liver Detox Tea

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"It was great, works good, tastes good.

- Patricia B.

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Organic Milk Thistle

Grown in China

Pollutants are everywhere. Our liver's main job is to act as a filter. Milk thistle is the most well-known herb to support liver health. It acts as a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger to support our liver better than commonly used liver herbs like burdock root and dandelion root.*

Organic Matcha Green Tea

Grown in Japan

Matcha is specially grown and ground up green tea. The plants must be shade-grown for three weeks before harvest. The shaded growth period produces a lot more theanine and caffeine. This gives the calm energy people feel from drinking matcha.*

Organic Ginger Root

Grown in India

Ginger has helped us for centuries. From simple tummy aches to severe nausea, ginger just makes people feel better by acting as a gentle body and liver cleanse.*

Organic Cinnamon

Grown in Vietnam

Cinnamon is used daily in many cultures because of the liver cleansing health benefits and wonderful taste.

Organic Spirulina

Grown in China

Spirulina is one the world’s hottest superfoods. Over a thousand peer-reviewed papers have analyzed the health benefits of this blue green algae. Most impressively, is the support for natural liver detoxification.*

Organic Coconut Water

Grown in Philippines

Coconut water is nature's sports drink. It's the perfect balance of electrolytes and minerals for hydration. Coconuts water now comes in powder form so you can enjoy the benefits anywhere.*

Liver Detox Tea In Real Life

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Benefits of Liver Detox Tea


Normal life is filled with pollutants. To feel better, detox your liver with organic superfoods. For convenience our tea is in powder form, not tea bags. So you can mix it with any drink, smoothie, or recipe to enjoy the benefits.*


Light your metabolism on fire and support liver function with matcha green tea. It's the natural way to stoke your metabolic flame and support healthy weight loss efforts.*


When you don't get the right nutrition, you won't feel very good or have a healthy liver. When you fill in the gaps of your diet with organic superfoods you'll feel a lot better.*

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Reyna A.
United States

This is my favorite tea

This is my favorite tea I have to start my morning with every day.


Shipping and return



Good stuff

Blend well


Great product

I add to my smoothies in the morning. Gives a hint of cinnamon flavor to them. I will order again.

How often can you drink liver detox tea?

Once a day is plenty to feel the benefits.

When to drink liver detox tea?

The best time to drink liver detox tea is in the morning or early afternoon. It contains 15 mg of caffeine from matcha green tea. This is about 20% as strong as one cup of coffee but may be enough to keep people awake if they take it near bedtime.

Can drinking enough water help your liver?

Absolutely. Water helps cleanse the system of toxins. It keeps your body hydrated and running smoothly. Staying adequately hydrated helps your liver do its job much, much easier. If you are thinking about cleansing or detoxing your liver make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

What is the best tea to detox the liver?

There are several types of tea designed for cleansing the liver. The best tea is one that uses multiple superfoods in combination like milk thistle, spirulina, matcha green tea, and ginger. We created our organic liver detox tea so you could get the most helpful superfoods for your liver in one easy to use scoop

How to make liver detox tea?

Mix one scoop with water or milk, or you can add a scoop to juice, smoothies, and recipes. The benefits build up over time so the best way to use it for you is whatever way you can take it consistently.

What are some symptoms of liver problems?

The most common symptoms are often non-specific things like fatigue or feeling overly tired, lack of drive, or sometimes itching. Signs of a serious issue include yellowing of the eyes and skin, dark colored urine or bleeding, mental confusion, or the retention of fluids in the waist area. Seek care from a qualified healthcare professional if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

What are some common substances that damage the liver?

The most common substance that damages the liver is alcohol as the liver is very sensitive to alcohol. Too much sugar and soft drinks are also bad for your liver. Another common issue is Tylenol, or acetaminophen. Taking amounts greater than the recommended dose can cause liver damage. Environmental toxins like insecticides or aerosol sprays can also cause liver problems.

Can liver damage be reversed?

Under certain conditions it can be reversed. Talk with your doctor about coming up with a plan that works for you. Abstinence from damaging substances is often the best thing to do for repairing your liver. Make sure you remove anything that could be causing your liver problems from your diet and environment.

How do I flush my liver?

1 - Drink plenty of water.

2 - Eat a diet including whole, less processed liver-friendly foods like milk thistle, spirulina, and ginger.

3 - Avoid harmful toxins like pesticides.

4 - Avoid highly processed foods and foods with added sugar.

How does liver detox tea work?

You’ll feel an uplifting energetic feeling when you drink our tea. The blend of six superfoods work synergistically to support your liver and increase your motivation. We think of a detox as a time to fill your body with love and nutrient-rich food while avoiding or limiting any harmful toxins.

What tea is good for liver detox?

Look for a tea that contains several herbs known to support liver health. Milk thistle, spirulina, ginger, matcha green tea, burdock root, cinnamon and dandelion root are some of the most common ingredients in good liver detox teas. Opportuniteas liver detox tea contains six of the best liver supporting superfoods together in one blend.

Do detox teas really work?

Most detox teas simply don't work. They often restrict you from eating and force you to just drink tea. Forget about detoxes and cleanses that make you feel awful by subtracting your favorite foods and drinks. Opportuniteas liver detox tea is different. It supports your liver by adding six organic superfoods to your usual diet. It's a much better way to boost your energy and feel better than depriving yourself.

How long should you do a detox?

Most people usually do a detox anywhere from 2 days up to 1 month, or even longer, depending on their individual needs. Talk with a trained medical professional to find out what length of time is right for you.

How can I detox my body daily?

1 - Drink plenty of water.

2 - Make sure you sweat. Two of the best ways to sweat are exercise and sauna.

3 - Breathe clean air at night by getting an air purification system in your bedroom.

4 - Take time to recover from stressful situations. Breathing, meditating, yoga, playing with a pet, whatever works for you to rest and reset. 

5 - Limit inflammatory foods. Cut back on foods that are highly processed or contain added sugar. Whole, natural foods are best.

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