What I ate today - Weight Watchers

What I ate today - Weight Watchers

Name:  Cristeen Olley

Occupation:  Mommy blogger


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I am sharing what I eat and not forcing anyone to eat what I show ;) Some days I will show you food that might not be the healthiest at the times, other days super healthy and clean.. but I wanted to share with you how simple ww can be and how it has been helping me :)

  • Coffee
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Dessert

Coffee - 4 points 

Starbucks cold brew coffee black 

Opportuniteas unsweetened MCT oil powder 

Skinny Syrups mocha 

Breakfast - 3 points 

Cream of Wheat 

Lunch - 10 points 


Creamy Light Cheese 

Antipasta Salad (no dressing) 

Organifi Green Juice 

Diet Coke 

Dinner - 6 points 


Brown Rice 

Black Beans 

Diced Tomatoes 


Dessert - 2 points 

Rice Cakes 

PB2 peanut butter powder 



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