How I do intermittent fasting 

How I do intermittent fasting

Name:  Adam Evans

Location:  Canada

Occupation:  Creative Director

Instagram:  adamevans

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Wondering how to do intermittent fasting? I recommend starting with a 16/8 split. I've been intermittent fasting on and off for several years now. I've tried lots of different ways to fast over the past few years. Here are my tips for people just starting off as well as people who have been doing it for years. Take a look...

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Drink only water or black coffee during fasting hours

Healthy fats are really cool, but not if you’re at the early stages of losing weight. There is no point, just be hardcore as possible and get the quick results you need to. Stick to black coffee or water.

Experiment with healthy fats

If you are exercising and working out and making progress with intermittent fasting start to test out things like MCT. The dietary fiber and healthy fats are really cool, just not if you’re at the early stages of losing weight.

Try MCT oil powder in your coffee.

After years and years of training consistently I’ve built up a pretty quick metabolism and awareness of my body. If you’re at an advanced stage of biohacking, small amounts of fat are like a metabolic speed bump not a stop sign and don’t break my fast.

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